Can We Learn The “Secrets” To Internet Marketing?

creativityEarly great magicians made their amazing feats with their unique and creative branding styles and strategies. Today, if we’re able to experience watching such feats and creativity, somehow it could make us feel refreshed and relaxed after the grinding day from work. Doesn’t it?

I bet you probably know Harry Houdini as one of the greatest magicians who ever lived. Well known for escaping from straight jackets, hand cuffs, jails, ropes, chains, and water tanks.

And what you might not know, is that Harry Houdini was also a master of marketing, viral promotion, and personal branding.

He was a Marketing Genius…

1. Popular as he was, Houdini carried out his stunts for free in big public places hanging himself from a building upside down. His performances often would draw huge crowd of people eager to see his future performances…with cost at this time.

With marketing in mind, he purposely did his jaw dropping performances not just in any buildings but to popular buildings housing major publications, hanging off the Boston Globe or Houston Chronicle creating curiosities from photographers popping out their heads out of the window to headline his stunts.

2. Entertainment – He was great in making his stunts look like he was in deep trouble, making it look like he wasn’t going to come out and finally been caught…then finally escaped without any help. He knew that the dynamics of amusing his viewers was just as significant as the actual escape itself. And seemingly the major responsible in his stardom and success was his ability to entertain and engage with his viewers.

Relating his stunts to internet marketing, with a great value driven service and information with a great dose of entertainment, you have now the blueprint for enormous success.

3. Positioning – to differentiate his style to other magicians, he used his unique style of advertising by including his proof of escape from the printed copies of letters from the police attesting that in fact Houdini escape a burglar proofed cell after being stripped nude, searched and handcuffed.

In fact, Houdini’s unique style of positioning aid him to be as one of the greatest magicians of all time. Many magicians in his time copied his style and techniques but no one comes close with the same degree of flamboyance, amusement and charisma as he was.

4. Persistence – When Houdini was just started out as a magician, he did different kinds of tricks including card tricks. But what might surprises you about him is that he experienced difficulties in life and was about to give up before he started concentrating on his escape tricks.

He attained his stardom however, when he focus sole on his escape tricks and dropping the rest of the tricks, given him the rise to become the best in a new category in this field.

Harry Houdini embodied the struggles and desires of his fans…many of whom were immigrants just like him, freeing themselves from the old-world restrictions. He was really saying, “I’m like you. I have struggles opposing me. I have things constraining me. I have things that pull me down. But I can beat them all. You can’t hold me down. You can’t restrain me. I’m Harry Houdini.”

And isn’t that a similar message to what we often hear today in most marketing pitches and jargons?

In addition, Houdini was steadily raising the bar. As copycats began threatening his achievements, he would create new, much more amazing, spectacular performances. He constantly elevated his game – ensuring that he dominated the headlines. And like any marketer – he knew that he couldn’t just rest on his successes.

In a marketplace that moves quickly, innovation and creativity are a necessity and Houdini knew the secrets of marketing better than almost anyone in his day. He knew how to harness the power of good press. He knew how to provide a dose of entertainment so that people left the show with something to talk about. Essentially noteworthy, he knew how to position himself so that he stood out among all other magicians.

With his uniqueness and creativity, Houdini has been remembered for almost a decade after his death as the greatest magician who ever lived…

From these same “Secrets” that Houdini left to rise above from his contemporaries, we can surely learn how to supercharge and take our internet marketing to new heights and success. Will you?


  • Rusty Campbell

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    To use one of the greats as an example for your article is a wonderful idea.
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  • James Hughes

    Reply Reply March 24, 2016

    Your article is a good read and encouraging too. Imagine if we could have some marketing tricks underneath our sleeves like a magician! It’s really neat how you present your ideas and it’s easy to understand.

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